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Chelsea Cafe Project #10 Dundee to London via Dublin Sinéad Bligh

Dundee to London via Dublin

Sinéad Bligh

Dundee to London via Dublin is a retelling of past work after reading Derek Jarman’s text Chroma, A Book of Colour – June 93. With the multiple narratives intersecting Chroma, and a heightened awareness of colour in mind, this work was made. It ruminates on colour associations, current narratives and past memories, which create this whole. The work brings together past video and sound work made on various journeys between Dublin and Dundee and current sound work made in London. Shown here are single elements – stills of the film Dundee to London via Dublin. 2014. The rest of the piece exists online.

Please visit sineadbligh.com to view the work as a whole.

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Chelsea Cafe Project: #6 by Rebecca Rendell

Display #: 6 by Rebecca Rendell

This exhibition consists of a series of works made in response to the taxonomic library environment. Rendell’s work usually consists of found objects and lost articles, often scavenged from antique markets, in the dirt of the Thames, the drought of the desert and on this occasion; from within the pages of the Chelsea library collection. Lost and forgotten ephemera is transformed to shine fresh light onto the habits and effects of the human condition. Continue reading

Chelsea Cafe Project: Display #3 drawings by Katie Elliott

Chelsea Cafe Project 

Display #3: Drawing Costumed Bodies in the Tanztheater Wuppertal
by Katie Elliott

In the performance discourse of the Tanztheater Wuppertal the costumed bodies are a vital component of meaning, yet they remain over-looked in current research.  I use drawing as one method, alongside Patrice Pavis’s semiotic theory and my own costume practice to examine these costumed dancers as experienced in live performances and DVD recordings. For me, the process of drawing invites personal observations and interpretations on the performers.  Most importantly, they produces visible outcomes that can then feed back into the research by informing the direction of my costume practice.  The selected works exhibited at the Cafe were drawn during rehearsals of the Tanztheater dancers at Sadler’s Wells in February 2013.

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Artist Charlotte Jonerheim is selected for the second Gate Curate residency at the Gate Theatre

Artist Charlotte Jonerheim is selected for the second Gate Curate residency at the Gate Theatre, in association with CHELSEA space and funded by Chelsea Arts Club Trust.

Artist Charlotte Jonerheim has been selected for the second artist in residence award at the Gate Theatre.  A recent graduate from MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design, Jonerheim will be responding to Howard Brenton’s new version of ‘Dances of Death’ by August Strindberg.  You will be able to see Jonerheim’s foyer installation during the play’s run, 6th June – 6th July 2013.

About the artist

Charlotte Jonerheim was born in Malmo, Sweden and has lived and worked in London for 20 years. She has studied at Byam Shaw School of Art, Slade School of fine art and graduated from MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2012.

work by Charlotte Jonerheim

work by Charlotte Jonerheim

Jonerheim has recently returned from India, having been selected for a three-month residency Arts for India Scholarship based at the International Institute of Fine Arts in Delhi. Her work has been shown in many exhibitions in London including a solo show of site-specific sculptural work at Clerks’ Well in Islington, having received the Islington Exhibits 2012 Artist Award.  Her work also features in the group show ‘SURFACE’ at Chelsea Futurespace.

Charlotte Jonerheim's work in SURFACE exhibition at Chelsea Futurespace

Charlotte Jonerheim’s work in SURFACE exhibition at Chelsea Futurespace

In her practice Jonerheim questions and investigates the quotidian experience where objects and encounters hardly register. She is interested in the purposes of objects, both their functional and emotional intentions.

Her inquiries lie in the relationship with form and have through reason of practicality, psychological, emotional, remembrance or simply aesthetic purposes.  Objects through time and history may lose their value or significance and thereby run the risk of becoming overlooked, taken for granted and often discarded.

This reinvention of things is often done with a bit of humour and with an element of surprise and an unpredictable outcome. Her objective is to reintroduce things back into the environment as a new way of seeing, connecting and understand the world we live in, to evoke a different experience and encounter with familiar items and focus on a new attention and meaning.

Charlotte Jonerheim's work from her MA Fine Art summer show at Chelsea College of Art & Design

Charlotte Jonerheim’s work from her MA Fine Art summer show at Chelsea College of Art & Design

Jonerheim is predominately interested in materials sourced from the domestic environment. With a little humour objects get reinvented through reassembly, often with a sense of theatricality. The artist’s aim is to evoke a different experience and encounter with familiar items and focus on a new attention and meaning.

Gate Curate

Gate Curate is a new and unique collaboration between the Gate Theatre, CHELSEA space and Chelsea Arts Club Trust. 
Every Gate show will feature an installation in our foyer by an emerging visual artist that is a bold and surprising response to the work on stage.

CACTrust Logo 2009

Chelsea Cafe Project #2 by artist Ana Teles


The second display of work in the Chelsea Cafe Project is a series of photographs
by Ana Teles

Ana Teles’s work consists of the repetition of her colleagues’ practices, seeking to imitate their postures, processes and even their actual works. On the one hand she de-territorializes herself, on the other hand she appropriates someone else’s territory. With this strategy she is able to establish a confrontation between what others do and her own practice, between what belongs to others and what belongs to her.  With these exchanges, she places herself in a critical position (in the sense of crisis) whereby she uninstalls her ideas, habits and processes, thus making way for the practices of other artists.

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Dobells Jazz Folk Blues Programme of Events

wide double image dobells
We are delighted to announce an exciting series of events to coincide with CHELSEA space’s forthcoming exhibition Dobells 
Jazz Folk Blues.  

Dobell’s was an iconic record shop that began life on Charing Cross Road and became renowned as “the Record Shop with the Club Atmosphere”.  A programme of accompanying events aims to recreate this atmosphere, highlighting Dobell’s position as a social hub.

Programme of Events (download as a pdf here)

Tuesday 9th April 6.00 – 8.30pm

Wednesday 17th April 6.00 – 7.30pm
Brian Peerless who worked at Dobell’s record shop from 1962 to 1992 will give his unique perspective on this legendary venue.
RSVP to info@chelseaspace.org

Saturday 20th April 10.00am – 4.00pm
CHELSEA space celebrates Record Store Day UK with open decks for you to play and listen to your Dobells Jazz Folk Blues records on, a pop up vinyl & books stall and live acoustic music.

Wednesday 15th May 6.00 – 7.30pm
Hear renowned music photographer David Redfern talk about his extensive career. David has photographed all the greats including Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Dusty Springfield, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Hendrix and Dylan. In our exhibition, you can see David’s photographs commissioned by Dobell’s from the 1967 Newport Jazz Festival.
RSVP to info@chelseaspace.org

Wednesdays 2.00 – 5.00pm
17th April – Dobells Staff and Customers
24th April – Leon Parker of British Record Shop Archive
1st May – Sound of the World Forum
8th May – Rhythm Section Peckham
15th May – open session

Did you buy records at Dobells record shop?  Come and play them on our decks, chat to customers and staff of the shop as well as other guests and recreate that famous feel of the “record shop with the club atmosphere” at CHELSEA space. Everyone is welcome to any of the sessions listed above.

LUNCHTIME LIVE SETS 12.30 – 1.30pm
Live music will be played in the space during the show run.

See the website www.chelseaspace.org/archive/dobells-info.html and check social media outlets for updates.

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Chelsea Cafe Project #1 – First Display by Vanessa Hodgkinson

Display 1: Studies for Printer Paintings

Vanessa Hodgkinson

25th February – 15th March 2013

Studies for Printer Paintings consists of 4 pairs of small works by artist Vanessa Hodgkinson (current student on MA Fine Art).

VH Cafe 1

‘The works in this series are studies leading up to the printer paintings made during my MA. They are small-scale works on paper that use the grid printed onto the surface of the paper as a guideline. The images take their starting point in the printer test sheets of domestic printers and copiers, and exploit the balance of CMYK as a readable format to generate images that tend towards something more fluid, or in turn, more solid. There are elements of fabric present; a pull in the thread of a jumper, but also three-dimensional shapes rendered in an unrealistic perspective. The challenges I set myself are to do with balance and composition, flatness and surface. But the works also pertain to the possibility of the functional. If we were to turn these paintings back into PDFs, could we use them to recalibrate our printers? Can they be part of a cycle of function into form, and then back again?’

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