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Chelsea Cafe Project #23

Dennis Wilson: Passage

Hannah Rae Alton

Wednesday 26 September – Friday 11 November 2016

Dennis Wilson: Passage’ is a series of drawings about the final days and death of Beach Boy drummer Dennis Wilson. Part abstract, part illustrative, they examine an imagined internal cartography and the overlaying of two vastly different times in Wilson’s life played out in the same physical space. He drowned in the Marina Del Ray, diving to the bottom of the water to retrieve items he had thrown overboard a decade previously from his luxury yacht The Harmony. The drawings are on 16:9 (widescreen format) paper and as a starting point use stills from “Two Lane Blacktop”, a 1971 road movie starring Wilson and James Taylor heading east from California with no particular agenda.

Only four of the drawings from this series are on display, while the full body of work can be viewed here.


About the artist

Hannah Rae Alton is an artist and lecturer living and working in London. Her drawings interrogate themes of communication, cryptography, military history and radio technology, cartography and other narratives. She studied Drawing at Camberwell College of Arts, and Communication Art and Design at the Royal College of Art, where she discovered an interest in crystal radios and has been building them ever since. She is a member of the Cassiopeia collective, a five-strong group of artists dedicated to foregrounding the process of research in fine art and illustration to make it more accessible to audiences.

Cassiopeia’s next exhibition is at Guest Projects, Hackney, from 1st – 30th November.


Twitter: @CassiopeiaeKnee


About the project

The Cafe Project is a series of displays of work by students and staff from Chelsea College of Art and Design. These changing displays are a chance to see some of the talent here at Chelsea from across a diverse range of disciplines. The series is curated in collaboration with CHELSEA space (opposite) as part of the Public Programme.

For more information please contact Cherie Silver at or in person at CHELSEA space.


Chelsea Cafe Project # 22


Caroline Streck

Wednesday 12 July – Friday 16 September 2016


The Bloc-Repair-Kit is a participatory project that was invented for the Susak Expo 2016. The “Kit”, created by Caroline Streck, contained different sized wooden blocks that are stretched with fabric.

The blocks were distributed among the participants of the Expo and the inhabitants of Susak with the instructions to use them in a situation of “emergency” and to send a photo of the situation to the artist. What “emergency” could actually mean was left up to participants interpretation. The blocs were developed as geometric shapes that related back to Streck’s paintings, where they were transformed into a singular physical form.

Within the Expo the forms function as a tool to be used in an open and experimental context.

The Susak Expo is a bi-annual art event that has taken place on the remote Croatian island of Susak since 2006, initiated by artist Daniel Devlin. This year the exhibition runs from May to September.


About the artist

Caroline Streck has been working predominantly as a painter during the course of undertaking an MA at Chelsea College of Arts.

Her current work observes movement and behaviour in urban environments, looking at how the shapes produced by architecture direct or influence the form and flow of human movement. Working from these points, she utilises geometrical abstractions produced from these environments, to explore the potential alienating effect that the forms may have during the painting process. These effects are then set in relation to the use of colour which the artist uses as an intuitive, fluid and playful part of the compositional process




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About the project

The Chelsea Cafe Project is a series of displays of work by students and staff from Chelsea College of Arts. These changing displays are a chance to see some of the talent here at Chelsea from across a diverse range of disciplines. The series is curated in collaboration with CHELSEA space (opposite) as part of the Public Programme.

For more information please contact Cherie Silver at or in person atCHELSEA space.

Chelsea Cafe Project # 21


by Lily Harriman

Monday 16 May – Tuesday 12 July 2016

lily blog banner.png

Café Project #21 features the work of the young poet Lily Harriman. Lily is currently gallery assistant at CHELSEA space while taking a year from reading English Literature and Creative Writing at Kingston University. She will be completing her final year in 2017.

The following questions were posed to the poet:

What inspired you to do this series of work?

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Chelsea Cafe Project #20

Contemporary Experiments with Natural Dye Print

Lara Mantell

Wednesday 13 April – Friday 13 May 2016


Display #20 provides an insight into the range of textile work through exploring screen-printing with natural dye extracts. This is an on-going project produced by Lara Mantell, that considers a variety of different, more sustainable and environmental practices in the print and dye workshop at Chelsea College of Arts.

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Chelsea Cafe Project #19

The Contemporary Art Slide Scheme: a brief introduction

Monday 8 February – Friday March 11 2016

#19, Slide boxes copy 2

Selection of slide boxes from Box 1 (1992-1995), CASS, Chelsea College of Arts Library. Image courtesy of Chelsea College of Arts Library, University of the Arts London.

Established by CHELSEA space Director Donald Smith with the late Stacey Billups, the Contemporary Art Slide Scheme (CASS) documented exhibitions in London from 1992-2007 for educational and research purposes. The majority of the 35mm slides show images of exhibitions that would have otherwise remained undocumented or inaccessible to a wider public audience. The documentation of these exhibitions predates the extensive use of digital photography and social media, which now make images of exhibitions accessible by almost anyone.

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Chelsea Cafe Project #18

Where for art thou

Friday 27 November 2015 – Friday 29 January 22

DSC_0010 copy

Where for art thou is an ongoing second year BA Fine Art project that invites various students to engage with film/sound in the form of an intervention or a video montage. Shown from a window in the college these projects engage the general public as they traverse the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground of Chelsea College of Arts. In Chelsea Café Project Display #18 artworks and/or documentation corresponding to the recent interventions by four of the artists are on display.

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Chelsea Cafe Project #17

Display # 17

Caught in the Act

Kelise Franclemont

2015 MA Fine Art student Stephen Hennessy at work, 2015 copyright Kelise Franclemont

2015 MA Fine Art student at work, 2015 copyright Kelise Franclemont

This exhibition of digital photographic prints by Kelise Franclemont, candidly documents preparation for the final MA Fine Art Summer show in August 2015. Stealing a glimpse of artists in the act of making, the images invite an intimacy with the subject. Taken on an iPhone without the artist’s knowledge or permission, these documents are being shared publicly for the first time as Display #17 for Chelsea Cafe Project.

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