Alice Morey and the desire path

Curated by: Ying Ying Lin & Shalini Rajasegaran

3 June – 9 June, 2019

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Installation view. Image courtesy Shalini Rajasegaran.

The initial meaning of desire path originated from urban planning and it is a trail that is created as a consequence of erosion caused by human, animal foot-fall or traffic. It is a user- created route that reflects human desire or natural purpose. The concept, therefore, then can be extended to be against authority as it is a user-based alternative rather than to follow the existing route given by the original planner, government, or even society.

“I was remarked to have sociopath ideas, that there is a numbness to the ideas I am trying to approach with my work. It’s more than this concept of time, of life, of changing materials, and organic surfaces, its deeper. It’s the numbness to reality, trying to feel something from these processes: death.”  — Alice Morey

The dualities can often be seen in Morey’s practice: ritual and clinical, individual and others, human body and technology, patriarchy and feminism, to name a few. There is an unsettlement in her works that is achieved by combining two or more conflicting elements and mediums. Although the idea of numbness and death frequently appear in Morey’s works, there is a vitality transformed through intimate interaction with her works: handmade porcelain chains, tattoos on canvas, and a dismembered pheasant given life from a GIF heart. With juxtaposition of alienation and intimacy, the artworks ultimately achieve an uncanny but intriguing balance. The connection is a desire path which Morey has been developing, and also an implication for the audience to explore within different aspects, namely, their own paths.

KEEP OFF THE GRASS understands that viewers are prone to taking a path of their own desire. Reading the artworks in this exhibition, KEEP OFF THE GRASS exemplifies the notion of societal norms and triggers one to instill their freedom of connectivity and understanding through various ungiven routes.

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Alice Morey (1986, London) is a Berlin based artist. She is currently studying in MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts, London and represented by Lehmann + Silvia, Porto. Recent exhibitions include solo exhibitions: She doesn’t love, she just devours, The Ryder Projects, London (2019); Shapes of permanence, Lehmann + Silvia, Porto (2018) and Performing states of hidden earth, Das Gift, Berlin (2018), and Kunst im Wohnzimmer 02 – Alice Morey, CONFINi, Berlin (2017); group exhibitions: How are you babe?, Blank 100, London (2019); Again and again, Galerie Emilia Fily, Usti nad Ladem (2018), and Elymus Repens, Kosmetiksalon Babette, Berlin (2018). Her works have also been exhibited in different venues such as National Gallery Veletrzni Palace, Prague and Kunsthaus Bethanien, Berlin.

List of Works:


  1. Quit playing games with my heart (2018)

Pheasant hides, weave, urine bags, plastic tubes, porcelain, pheasant hearts, Indigo pigment, insides of pheasant, ethanol, distilled water, metal string, TV screen, dimensions variable

  1. Sweetcorn Sacks (2018)

Pigment, homemade yoghurt, chalk, ink on canvas, 60 x 80 cm

  1. River (2019)

Ink, pigment, homemade yoghurt, Spirulina on canvas, 80 x 120 cm

  1. Artist book (2019)

Photographs and Artist’s writings

  1. Attach here series (2019)

Porcelain chains and hook, steel hooks