deconstructing my crush

The Morgue, Chelsea College of Arts

6 – 10 July, 2018

8__banchi's perfomance 'involucro' and object ii, video projection, flavia banchi (2018)_perfomer_clara lasàgna

Banchi’s perfomance ‘Involucro’ and Object II, Video Projection, Flavia Banchi (2018) performer Clara Lasàgna.

deconstructing my crush is a co-generated exhibition by the artist Flavia Banchi and the curator Laura Callegaro, which takes Banchi’s artistic practice as a departure point. Banchi’s research reflects on the idea of fetishism in nowadays society: by investigating the objects’ arbitrariness of value in different contexts, religions and ages, her practice arrives also to question the status of idols and cult objects in correlation to their perception within the current visual culture.

The videos projected on the Morgue’s walls interrogate a shape which does not identify itself with any existing object, though connotated by a visually palpable materiality. This object attempts to evade the known value system and challenges its discernible configurations, which are, as a consequence, ours. In response to Banchi’s moving image, the exhibition includes sound, complementarily conceived by Tommaso Di Filippo, who performs on 6th of July during the exhibition opening.

Ackowledging Banchi’s work, the communication designer Max Effantin considers the idea of blank shape as a site on which subjectivities are projected: enacting and translating this concept into environmental terms, Effantin’s main aim is to explore shift at the border between our inner spaces and the built world. Therefore, as an integral learning programme of the exhibition, the sensory workshop Rewilding the Urban Body took place on 16th of June at the Nomadic Garden (Shoreditch), led by the Sentient Society. Afterwards, a video centred on documentation via digital poetry has been realised by Effantin – and included in the show – in light of the workshop’s discussions and outcomes, focusing on the urban body’s sensory experience as a method to re-evaluate our daily ordinary approaches within our surroundings.

Within the framework of this exhibition, both the workshop and the sound act as an open extension of the critical understanding of values and agency that we give to objects, which is in turn the main focus of Flavia Banchi’s inquiry. Through these different practices and mediums horizontally explored and conjuncted,deconstructing my crush is intended as a collaborative research project, enquiring a reflection on de-constructing our current attitudes and their values unavoidably attached as a result of transient, historical and sociological layers of conditions.

Tuesday 10th July, 6pm
Flavia Banchi’s performance Involucro (Wrapping) will take place at the Morgue.

Special thanks to Donald Smith, Director of the CHELSEA space, for all his support.


Flavia Bianchi (1993, Rome, IT) is a London based artist. After graduating in Communication and Design at ISIA, Florence (2016), she decided to continue her approach in more artistic terms rather than projectual, enrolling into a post-graduate course in Visual Arts and Fashion at IUAV (Venice). She just completed a photography course at Camberwell College of Arts (UAL).

Max Effantin (1995, Valence, FR) MA Graphic Design Communication, Chelsea College of Arts.

Santo Milo (1986, Montería, CO) Event Designer.
The Sentient Society (founded by Effantin) is an environmental design project which aims to participate in the transition towards a more sustainable and sensitive culture; for this workshop, a collaboration with Milo Santo took place. Sentient Society intervenes in local communities to engage stakeholders with new ecological orientations, responding actively to local environmental and social needs.

Tommaso Di Filippo (1990, Florence, IT) is an Italian-born and East London-based house and techno producer. Under this alias you will find lo-fi nostalgic vibes and organic dance floor workouts.

Laura Callegaro (1994, Venice, IT) is a MA Curating & Collections student at Chelsea College of Arts. She is doing an internship as assistant curator at Flat Time House (London) and has worked as artist’s assistant at the Israeli Pavilion during the 57th Venice Biennale.