RE RE- RE: | MA Curating and Collections 2016/17 Final Show


Opening night: Friday 8 September 2017, 6 – 9 pm

Saturday 9 September – Thursday 14 September, 2017

Curated by MA Curating and Collections 2016/17

Cookhouse Gallery, Chelsea College of Arts, 16 John Islip Street London, SW1P 4JU


Roy Ascott | Sarah Bodman | Tim Etchells | Victoria Lomasko | Jorge Martín García & Yukari Sakata | Polit-Sheer-Form Office | Mark Titchner

RE RE- RE: presents the possibility of an open conversation and aims to establish itself as a platform to explore the infinite potential of collectivity. This exhibition has been, from its inception, informed by Hannah Arendt’s influential book The Human Condition, published in 1958. In this work, the German philosopher examined the differentiations between labour, work and action; power, violence and strength; property and wealth. In the ever-growing state of uncertainty and helplessness that governs the current political climate, it seems to have become, again and increasingly, a pertinent theory to look at.

Arendt offers us sanctuary by affirming that true power cannot be imposed from above – it instead lies in an individual ability to come together in what she calls the ‘spaces of appearance’, a transitory public realm where people can engage in dialogue, and actualise the potential power of the pluralised individual.

The exhibition itself serves as a potential space of appearance for diverse ideas and themes. Re stands for reference and the introduction of ideas into a dialogue. Re- is a prefix that can be applied to suggest the process of renewal and repetition. It references the structural mechanics of the English language. Re: stands for reply and the introduction also calls forth the notion of replying or response in an email thread – drawing Arendt’s concept into the modern sphere.

To accompany the exhibition, a publication was conceived as a parallel platform for artists and intellectuals to reflect on Arendt’s relevance in contemporary society, through the lens of their personal practice. With a foreword by Lynton Talbot, contributors include David Gothard, Weiping Hu, Narelle Jubelin, Memo Kosemen, Sophie Loss, Fereshte Moosavi, Kata Oltai, Fabian Peake, Francesco Pedraglio, Carlos Saavedra, Cally Spooner and Nahal Tajadod.

Accompanying publication and pamphlet, designed by Molly Burdett and Léna Rigoleur

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More information can be found on the show website.