Sean Mullan | Blaupause

Private View: 18 August 2017 6 – 9 pm

Exhibition continues: 18 – 22 August 2017

Site-specific installation curated by Nadine Cordial.

Sean Mullan Side Room (14 von 18)

In Blaupause the German-Irish artist Sean Mullan explores the immeasurable zone in which an old state passes into a new. When experimenting with light, Mullan came across the photographic technology of Cyanotopie in which a chemical reaction with UV light causes the creation of Prussian Blue – a cool, greenish-blue mineral colour pigment also called Berlin Blue, whose story bears a lot of mystery. Coincidentally discovered in 1704 and widely used throughout history across various disciplines, it did not only become an important artists’ pigment in the 18th century, it also serves as an antidote to eliminate radioactivity or as a marker in pathology to diagnose defect heart cells.

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Side Room

Project space, currently residing at Chelsea College of Art
16 John Islip Street
SW1P 4JU London

Gallery Directors: Ilana Blumberg  and Mark Lungley