Chelsea Cafe Project #25

Night Poems

Andrew Hart

Friday 27 January – Friday 10 March 2017


Andrew Hart, ‘Unit 9’, (2017)

Café Project #25 features the work of the Chelsea College of Arts 3rd Year Fine Art student Andrew Hart.

The following questions were posed to the artist:

What inspired you to do this series of work, where do you get your inspiration from?

This series of four paintings is a night time poem. Written whilst completing my dissertation- it is based on the pensive moments of deep exploration for thoughts and ideas. This could be seen as the rhythm created whilst searching in the recesses of the mind.

What emotions/feelings do certain colours and shapes evoke in your work for you?

I usually relate sound and rhythm to my paintings – colour can represent tones in the musical field. 

How has being at Chelsea College of Arts influenced your work and way of thinking?

Academically Chelsea has challenged and opened up a theoretical and contextual understanding of Art that I knew nothing of. New writers and new theories on Art. My 2nd year tutor, Ben Fitton, introduced me to a writer who really links to ideas in my work. 

Do you work with any other art forms / mediums? How does this compare to painting?

I am a multi-disciplinary artist based in painting. I work in many mediums including installation, video, sculpture, sound, performance and found objects. Working with other mediums can be a freeing experience and expands my interpretations of ideas – providing a different challenge. The way a work is translated can be different to painting, so from this I learn more about my own practice.

How do you see your work developing in the future?

I plan to push the sound element of my practice. I am currently working with recent graduate Janek Nixon on 2 projects, including a UAL digital collective project at the Tate Exchange in March.

What exhibitions would you recommend in London at the moment or what was the most memorable exhibition you saw in the last year?

I really enjoyed the ‘Infinite Mix’ at the Hayward, and current shows ‘Gavin Turk: Who What When Where How & Why’ at the Newport Gallery, ‘Radouan Zeghidour’ at Yamamoto Keiko Rochaix Gallery, and ‘Robert Rauschenberg’ at Tate Modern.


Instagram: hart.art9


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About the project

The Chelsea Cafe Project is a series of displays of work by students and staff from Chelsea College of Arts.  These changing displays are a chance to see some of the talent here at Chelsea from across a diverse range of disciplines.  The series is curated in collaboration with CHELSEA space (opposite) as part of the Public Programme.

For more information please contact Cherie Silver at or in person at CHELSEA space.