Work from the Collections #8 – In Conversation

Jocelyn Herbert and Tony Harrison:

In conversation with Jenny West and Trish Montemuro

conversation WFC8

Jenny West (left) and Trish Montemuro 

Artist Jenny West and Trish Montemuro discuss their experience of working alongside Jocelyn Herbert and Tony Harrison.

Jenny West draws on her experience as Jocelyn Herbert’s design assistant and mask maker to discuss the use of masks within theatre in particular focusing in on the National Theatre’s production of The Oresteia from 1981, whilst Trish Montemuro shares insightful accounts about her experience of working as Stage and Production manager and Assistant Director on productions such as Square Rounds, The Trackers of Oxyrhynchus and The Labourers of Herakles.

Chaired by MA Curating and Collections 2015-2016 student Cara Newman both Jenny West and Trish Montemuro offered up a valuable talk on the creative collaboration and friendship that existed between two of Britain’s most significant theatre practitioners.

The conversation can be heard through this link.

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