Exhibition Studio Workshop | Work from the Collections #7 – Reading Room

Reading Room

As an extension of the main show The sun went in, the fire went out, the Reading Room at CHELSEA space aims to contextualise the three artists work and explore the themes around reinterpreting and responses to performance and land art.

Key items include: the first three issues of Readings magazine from 1977, coedited and published by Annabel Nicolson, archival documents of Carlyle Reedy’s performances: Living Human Sculpture at the Royal Court Theatre in 1972 and The Good Wind at Riverside studios in 1977, and Marie Yate’s e-book Drift 2004.

Curated by Nicola Benford, Phoebe Brown and Kinga Szlama

A bibliography and list of related events compiled for the Reading Room can be found below.


Bibliography for The sun went in, the fire went out

The following bibliography forms a significant body of research related to the artists in the exhibition, and was compiled by Nicola Benford, Phoebe Brown and Kinga Szlama in collaboration with the curators Karen Di Franco and Elisa Kay.

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‘The sun went in, the fire went out: landscapes in film, performance and text’, film screening curated by Lucy Reynolds – ICA Friday 4 March (6-8pm)

 ‘Julian Charrière: For They That Sow the Wind’ exhibition – Parasol Unit 15 Jan – 23 March

‘Accidental Encounters’ exhibition – Wimbledon Space (UAL) in association with LUX
18 Jan – 12 Feb

‘And Under That / Land Makar’ LUX online exhibition

‘LFMC 50: Peter Gidal’s Experimental Film Programmes at the London Film Co-op Cinema 1971-1974: 23 Filmmakers’ – BFI Southbank 3 Feb (6.10pm & 8.20pm)

‘Performing for the Camera’ exhibition – Tate Modern 18 Feb – 12 June

‘Performance Management: Masterclass’ workshop – ICA 19 Feb (11.15am)

‘Performance Management: Panel Discussion’ – ICA 19 Feb (5.30pm)

‘Acts ReActs 3’ exhibition – Wimbledon Space (UAL) 22 Feb – 18 March

‘Hilma af Klint: Painting the Unseen’ – Serpentine Gallery 3 Mar – 22 May

‘Co-op Dialogues 1966 – 2016: John Smith and Laure Prouvost’ lecture – Tate Britain
7 March (7-9pm)

Selection of Barbara Hepworth works – Tate Britain (permanent collection)