Exhibition Studio Workshop | Work from the Collections #6 – VERTIGO: THE NEXT LEVEL

18th Nov  – 18th Dec 2015

Vertigo: The Next Level is an exhibition curated by the current MA Curating and Collections students. Fostering the themes made apparent in the previous Chelsea landing show of paintings by Noel Forster, the current works have emerged from the CHELSEA space collection and the college collection with Forster’s Untitled painting serving as prime inspiration.


Angela Sanchez del Campo, Sophie Den Toom, Cara Newman, Xinyan Wang, Phoebe Brown, Ying Ying Yang

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The central concepts in this exhibition relate to movement, rotation, placement, and flow. Bringing together nine different artists, with vastly different mediums, these notions illustrate themselves through the materiality of each object individually, the literal depiction within the works and through the process by which they are made. As a whole, the show aims to illustrate these notions of moving pattern and fluidity with the visual journey of the viewer: shape and form lose their rigidity as the spiral effect is carried from Forster’s painting to Mark Titchner’s Artist’s Studio film, along to Fiona Banner’s spiralling text to a 12” vinyl record on the vertigo label and up to Terry Frost’s scarf, which waves in the air of each passer-by. The spiral effect continues with Henri Matisse’s Snail, the boldness of which is mirrored in the Josef Albers optical poster, and as the continuation of the rotoscopic imagery is brought through the room with the film of Marcel Duchamp’s Rotoreliefs,  the dominance of performing shapes is realised in the fluidity of Alvar Aalto’s Savoy Vases.