Exhibition Studio Workshop | Work from the Collections #5

For the MA Curating and Collections degree show, LIVE is interpreted broadly. Performance, installation, film, the art of making, interaction, immersion, and sound, are curatorial expressions of the theme LIVE. The artworks have been carefully selected by the curators with diverse research interests, academic and professional backgrounds, demonstrated throughout the exhibition both in CHELSEA space and theCookhouse in Chelsea College of Arts.

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Featured artists: Peter Saville, Lyndall Phelps, Sachiko Kodama, Ayşegül Turan, Gary Woodley, Alfredo Jaar, Richard Evans, David Batchelor, Lucy Brickwood, Xu Bing, Lawrence Weiner, Erick Benjamins, Pati Petrykowska, Panatchakorn Viratmalee, Hutsuma Juntaratana, Chris Eimeamkamol, Panlert, TingTing Cheng, Shuang Luo, Stanley Kubrick Archive, Hyemi Ku, Zimeng Zhu, Nick Knight, Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich, Nicola Canavan, Linda Vigdorcika, Harry Hurlock, Yussef Agbo-Ola, Guojun Zhang, Claire Brewster, Kaiyan Yu, Shadi Mahsa, Chris Gibson, Marcel Schwittlick, Peter Downsbrough, Carla Chan Ho-Choi.

For online catalogue please visit:   http://issuu.com/exhibitionstudioworkshop/docs/live_

About the Curators