Exhibition Studio Workshop | Work from the Collections #1

Work from the Collections #1:Poster

MA Curating and Collections 2014-15 present Work from the Collections #1 alongside Bob Cobbing: Bill Jubobe at CHELSEA Space. First in this new series of displays, Work from the Collections #1 employs objects from the CHELSEA space collection, the ILEA/Camberwell Design Collection and Chelsea College of Arts’ Library Special Collections. The display features the use of 2D objects, 3D objects, video, sound, text and published works that are showcased within the Entrance space and Ramp area of CHELSEA space. The selection of objects explores notions of repetition, rhythm, colour, visual “noise”, and the shape of language; reflecting on themes and ideas that have been explored through the legacy of artists such as Bob Cobbing.

The Entrance space showcases objects such as the iconic De Stijl ‘Red Blue’ chair by Gerrit Rietveld that was ordered directly from Rietveld by Chelsea School of Art in 1963, and the historic ‘Omega Rug’ (1913) by Frederick Etchells which displays patterned repetition and a muted primary palette. Close by, Richard Wilson’s red white and blue editioned maquette for his major public work ‘Hang On A Minute Lads…” (2012) and Diane Guyot de St Michel’s ‘Be Amish’ (2010) are placed between highly coloured mass produced domestic objects from the 1960s and 70s.

Similar aesthetic concerns can be read in the display of artists’ publications such as ‘The Nam’, (1997) by Fiona Banner and Wyndham Lewis’s journal Blast vol. 1 (1914), setting the tone for the possibilities that text can offer artists. This environment is again explored through the inclusion of Konkrete Poesie/Poesia Concreta and Livro-poema and enacted through the ‘Baldessari sings LeWitt’ publication from Toom Tragel. The inclusion of books and texts in the displays is an oblique reference to Cobbing’s Charing Cross store Better Books, the publications include covers which are visually loud in graphics, content, and colour and they are displayed in proximity to Jon Smith’s ‘Beat Box’, a carved wooden portable stereo system encapsulating a notion of visual “noise”.

Sound and video are represented through such works as the film ’N (I) B’ (2011) by Mark Titchner, a visually striking slow motion piece that focuses on the mouth of the singer with Naipalm Death, Nicholas Bullen, articulating a list of words banned by Local Government. The audio works ‘Colour Tale’ (2000) by Caroline de Lannoy and ‘Heating and Cooling’ (2006) by David Toop are discretely presented, providing an auditory accompaniment for the displays. The Ramp leading up and in to the ‘Bob Cobbing: Bill Jubobe’ exhibition features Pavel Büchler’s poster work, ‘Tonight’ (2004), depicted as a repetitive graphic motif alongside a selection of five photographs from the series ‘Uninhabited London’ (1977) by Jon Savage, echoing an idea of urgency and potential within all of the works on display.