Chelsea Cafe Project #10 Dundee to London via Dublin Sinéad Bligh

Dundee to London via Dublin

Sinéad Bligh

Dundee to London via Dublin is a retelling of past work after reading Derek Jarman’s text Chroma, A Book of Colour – June 93. With the multiple narratives intersecting Chroma, and a heightened awareness of colour in mind, this work was made. It ruminates on colour associations, current narratives and past memories, which create this whole. The work brings together past video and sound work made on various journeys between Dublin and Dundee and current sound work made in London. Shown here are single elements – stills of the film Dundee to London via Dublin. 2014. The rest of the piece exists online.

Please visit to view the work as a whole.

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This work, and Sinéad Bligh’s interests, lie within social collaborations between space and its agents, addressing the nature of this collaboration between viewer/user, subject, object and situation and its by-product experience and knowledge – In turn how these social interactions and spaces create the relationships that produce art.

About the artist

Sinead Bligh’s practice is employed through the mediums of sound and text (both online and in physical installation), video, photography and performance; these often employed through curatorial and artistic collaboration’s. A recent graduate she received her BA in Design at DIT Dublin, Ireland and an MFA at DJCAD Dundee, Scotland in 2012.  She has acted as project and editorial assistant on various events and exhibitions with the Cooper Gallery Dundee and currently at CHELSEA Space.


Forthcoming and recent projects include ‘190A Retelling’ MART, Dublin March 2014, Editorial assistant on the forthcoming publication for Edgar Schmitz 2012 -13 exhibition, “Hubs and Fictions” London, Bristol and Dundee, curated by Sophia Hao. Performing Worlds, Dundee, 2012. Generator Projects, Dundee 2011 and 2012.

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About the project

The Cafe Project is a series of displays of work by students and staff from Chelsea College of Art and Design.  These changing displays are a chance to see some of the talent here at Chelsea from across a diverse range of disciplines.  The series is curated in collaboration with CHELSEA space (opposite) as part of the Public Programme.

For more information please contact Daisy McMullan at or in person at CHELSEA space.