Chelsea Cafe Project #9 Robin Jenkins

A Second On The Severn Sea
Robin Jenkins

The Severn Sea inspires awe and fear in equal portions. A dark and moody slither of the Atlantic Ocean, that reaches into the heart of a Great island. Pushing and dragging the sea rises and drops at a rate greater then other tidal passage in the world. It pulls down cliffs and hurls rocks, it sprays and floods without discrimination, sculpting and destroying in equal measures. Out in the squall and depths, alone, the blackness rolls and pitches, silent against the cry of the wind that scoops and gouges without end. I was once there, and have been back many times through imagining on paper, in paint, with ink, film and models. It is an ephemeral moment that is present at every sleeping and waking second. Here my work takes this place, this thought, this memory and captivates it. All my life I have been watching The Severn Sea, as a child from my bedroom window, as an adult in my memories, not a day go’s by without a visit. This collection of images represents an idea of a place and a time. Out in the middle of The Severn Sea, a particular point that is the fulcrum of place and memory.

About the artist
Robin Jenkins studied at The Architectural Association in London. First experiences of working involved being a project managing architect for Giorgio Armani, designing a show room for Paul Smith in New York and consulting on a project in Hong Kong for Manolo Blahnik. Robin started working in education in 2005, at secondary level and then later in the same year as a guest lecturer at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Currently he is working full time across the BA and MA level of the Interior and Spatial Design course at Chelsea.

Recent exhibitions include ‘Film as Measure’ at Chelsea College of Art and Design. ‘A Second on The Severn Sea’ 2012, Test Bed 1, London. ‘H2O’ 2011, Future Space, London and 2013 at The Blip Blip Blip Gallery with Juan Cruz, in Leeds and at ‘ The Chopping Block’, Brixton, London

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