Cafe Project #8 by Bex Massey

Display #8

Bex Massey

Bex Massey’s work is based on the copious stories found within newspapers and on occasion the broadsheets themselves as physical entities.  Massey appropriates images from Media headlines and translates them through paint.  She combines these canvases with objects which reference British nostalgia.  Moreover she often couples entities that talk of a mass-produced 80’s childhood in which she grew up. In so doing she cements our recent history in a slower, naively easier and more playful tense.

Massey’s installations question the ideals of expectation, with impetus to manner of display and art history:  In so doing she transforms these once 2D works into sculptural arrangements which balance precariously.  The inclusion of components integrating the canvas’ landscape distorts the press imagery and its account further.  As such she aims to create a platform for the viewer to translate the installation independently as to their own personal connection to item and image, thus enabling the audience to manufacture their own personal narratives.

About the artist

Showcased Exhibitions:

8-23 October 2013: ‘Young Masters’, Sphinx Fine Art, London.
4-14 October 2012: ‘March’, Solo show. A-Side B-Side Gallery.
4-17 Aug 2011: ‘Girls on top’. Duo Show. Dead Dolls Club, London.
11-14 Nov 2010: ‘Ladyfest Ten’. Showcased artist, ‘Seven’. Ground Floor Left Gallery, London.
25 October 2007: Graduate Showcase. Royal Overseas League. Green Park. London.
7 June-7 July 2007: ‘Pages’ Fellowship. ‘Conversations and Keepsakes’. Notice Gallery, London.

Selected Group Shows:

6-13 Sept 2013: ‘MA final show’, Chelsea school of art.
25-27 July 2013: ‘Fly By Night’. Exhibition 1: Division of Labour. Brunel Museum, London.
23 Feb 2013: ‘Pixelkitchen’, Kunst Bankett, Frankfurt.
13 Dec-7 Jan 2013: ‘Dreaming of a Black and White Christmas’. A-side B-side gallery, London.
17 June-10 July 2012: ‘Dazed and Refused’, Artch Gallery, London.
2-3 July 2011: ‘Le Corps’. Ladyfest Paris, Paris.
11-19 Dec 2010: ‘Grotto’. Towner Hoxton Gallery, London.
21 Aug 2010: ‘Have your cake and eat it’, The George, London.
30 April-11 May 2009: ‘The forgotten soldiers’. The Brick Lane Gallery, London.
2 Jan-3 Feb 2008: ‘Midsummer Night Dreams’. The Art Works Gallery, Newcastle.

About the project

The Cafe Project is a series of displays of work by students and staff from Chelsea College of Art and Design.  These changing displays are a chance to see some of the talent here at Chelsea from across a diverse range of disciplines.  The series is curated in collaboration with CHELSEA space (opposite) as part of the CHELSEA public programme.

For more information please contact or in person at CHELSEA space.