Chelsea Cafe Project #2 by artist Ana Teles


The second display of work in the Chelsea Cafe Project is a series of photographs
by Ana Teles

Ana Teles’s work consists of the repetition of her colleagues’ practices, seeking to imitate their postures, processes and even their actual works. On the one hand she de-territorializes herself, on the other hand she appropriates someone else’s territory. With this strategy she is able to establish a confrontation between what others do and her own practice, between what belongs to others and what belongs to her.  With these exchanges, she places herself in a critical position (in the sense of crisis) whereby she uninstalls her ideas, habits and processes, thus making way for the practices of other artists.

As part of this performance she simulates someone’s studio space and photographs herself as if that place and persona were her own. Teles uses a “disguise” in order to erase herself, but only to a certain extent: she is always visible. In fact, the other is there, but it is being appropriated, interpreted and questioned.

What is there of simulacra and truth in this operation? Essentially, these photographs show the gap between Ana Teles’s language and that of the other students. The result is a parody of the effort to simulate those identities and places to where she does not belong.

About the artist

Ana Teles is an MA Fine Art student here at Chelsea College of Art and Design.  She originally studied Fine Art at the University of Porto in her native Portugal.  She has exhibited in group shows in London, Italy and Portugal, including the II International Biennial of Painting FRP, Coimbra and XXIII Salão de Primavera (Spring Salon), Casino do Estoril, Lisbon.  She won the Fernando Castro Award for Painting and Sculpture and a certificate of Merit for her Bachelor in Fine Arts in 2010/2011, FBAUP, Porto.

About the project

The Cafe Project is a series of displays of work by students and staff from Chelsea College of Art and Design.  These changing displays are a chance to see some of the talent here at Chelsea from across a diverse range of disciplines.  The series is curated in collaboration with CHELSEA space as part of the CHELSEA public programme.

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