Chelsea Cafe Project #1 – First Display by Vanessa Hodgkinson

Display 1: Studies for Printer Paintings

Vanessa Hodgkinson

25th February – 15th March 2013

Studies for Printer Paintings consists of 4 pairs of small works by artist Vanessa Hodgkinson (current student on MA Fine Art).

VH Cafe 1

‘The works in this series are studies leading up to the printer paintings made during my MA. They are small-scale works on paper that use the grid printed onto the surface of the paper as a guideline. The images take their starting point in the printer test sheets of domestic printers and copiers, and exploit the balance of CMYK as a readable format to generate images that tend towards something more fluid, or in turn, more solid. There are elements of fabric present; a pull in the thread of a jumper, but also three-dimensional shapes rendered in an unrealistic perspective. The challenges I set myself are to do with balance and composition, flatness and surface. But the works also pertain to the possibility of the functional. If we were to turn these paintings back into PDFs, could we use them to recalibrate our printers? Can they be part of a cycle of function into form, and then back again?’

About the artist

Vanessa Hodgkinson’s practice revolves around the grid/web/checkerboard as a passive tool within which we generate and organise digital imagery as ‘soft-copy’ material, as well as in the more ‘hard-copy’ world of printing. Hodgkinson’s paintings are created from found materials such as panels of wood chosen for their marks already made in their surface before they are acquired. They are then painted with egg tempera. These elements suggest a desire for permanence, physicality, and durability – a counterpoint to disposable use of the image. Hodgkinson is a current student on the MA fine art programme at Chelsea College of Art and Design and is the recipient of
a Chelsea Arts Club Trust Special Project Award. She has exhibited at Leighton House Museum, London, Project Capital-D, Dubai, Chelsea Futurespace and with Limoncello Gallery, London.

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